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Saffron in your plate

The magic of saffron is to melt together the tastes of food. It exalts them and harmonizes the flavours. It lets the sun onto the plate by the exceptional and characteristic color it brings to the dishes. It enhances the flavour of desserts and explodes in the mouth. A renowned flavour enhancer, it intensifies the flavours and appears, gently, at the end of the mouth, without ever dominating, leaving room for each food.

The best known dishes that contain saffron are Spanish Paella, Milanese Risotto and French Bouillabaisse. Many Indian dishes also contain it, including Zarda Pullao (considered a festive dish eaten at the end of the Ramadan fast).

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be high-level creators to reinvent everyday cuisine. Saffron brilliantly renews most of the recipes of everyday cooking. It awakens flavours and gives them a festive air. The spice is also very popular in pastry and goes well with fruits and vegetables.

Saffron’s culinary uses are widely varied. Indeed, with its high value, its powerful and unique aroma, its color and its flavor, saffron has always aroused curiosity. Whether in entremets, soups, meats, poultry, fish, sauces, vegetables and desserts, saffron remains the golden touch that will illuminate your dishes.