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Crocus Sativus bulbs

Selling now until end of June.

Hurry to reserve them. Quantities are limited!

Delivered at the end of July for planting before the end of August.

About Pure Saffron

Pure Saffron is a project of the heart, encompassing our love of the precious spice.

We are the first commercial saffron farm in Quebec and Canada. Located now in the tourist region of Portneuf, precisely in Ste-Christine d’Auvergne, we operate a saffron artisanal culture on an area of about 1/2 hectare.

We produce a saffron of exceptional quality, pure and free of any contaminant.

We offer saffron in multiple sizes as well as a range of saffron products, condiments and jams, cooked here, by hand.

Our premium products are marketed by Pure Saffron and are available on Pure Saffron’s online boutique, at the farm (by reservation only), at some public farmers markets as well as at certain other points of sale; see the page Contact Us.

We want to share with you our love of saffron, to help you discover it as well as its many virtues, its culture, its uses, its sudden and magical flowering, its fragrance, its color and its unique flavour!

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